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Every year, a new film invites participation from up and coming filmmakers and enthusiasts. Watch the craft that goes into the plot, performances, cinematography, sound design and direction. See what sets the bar high and get ready to feel inspired with your own film submission.



  • Keep your short film under 10 minutes
  • Remember to use the title logo
    of Barrel Select Large Short Films as the opening slate
  • Click here to get inspired
  • Use subtitles for your films


  • Do not use copyrighted material
  • Do not use overtly sensitive themes for your story, e.g. child abuse
  • Do not submit films that have originally not been done by you


Barrel Select Large Short Films support and encourage young filmmakers across India to create original short films and get them showcased on our platform.

Each entry should have the Barrel Select Large Short Films as its opening slate for it to become eligible for short of the week. Click here to download the brand logo slate.

Barrel Select Large Short Films is permitted to use the submitted works (films, trailer, posters, pictures) and any and all press materials of all selected entries for publicity and promotional purposes.

Filmmakers contact info (Name) may be published in the website and promotional materials. Personal information will not be sold or used for other purposes.

Barrel Select Large Short Films is permitted to retain the submitted video for inclusion in our non-circulating library. The person signing the entry form must be legally authorised to enter this film in the Large Short films.

Any copyrighted materials (for example, music) included in the work must have been legally cleared for use and must show documentation.


submissions for The Dharamshala Film Festival are Closed


I hereby agree to all the rules and regulations pertaining to submitting my film